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We organise the best stag party in Malaga. .

We are a high value company because of our dedication and personalisation of each group.


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Our success is not only measured in laughs, toasts and dancing until dawn, but also in the deep satisfaction of our clients knowing that they got what they were promised. Discover how transparency is the cornerstone of our success in hen and stag parties on the Costa del Sol.

Each group has its own needs and expectations, from the first contact I empathise with the person on the other side and what makes us happiest is that they have a great experience in Malaga.

We are a reference in hen and stag parties in Malaga.

In the lively scene of hen parties in Malaga, transparency is a fundamental pillar, within a sea of promises of fun and unforgettable celebration, how to distinguish authentic quality from hollow exaggerations?

Our success confirms one unequivocal answer: transparency.

We are proud to be a reference in the organisation of hen and stag parties in Malaga and the Costa del Sol.

Key to our success.

The secret ingredient is none other than our commitment to honesty and communication at every stage of the process. From the first contact to the last, we guarantee a trustworthy experience.

We are a young and up to date company as we strive every day to know the latest trends and activities in the organisation of stag and hen parties in Malaga. .

We always want to give more! How have we done it? Simply by paying attention to every detail and improving these small details that in the end make the difference.

So we encourage you to visit our varied offer and to contact us as soon as possible.


Discover our packs for stag and hen parties in Malaga season 2024

The packs for stag and hen parties in Malaga are the most characteristic of our company. Spectacular packages for day, night or all day.

All-inclusive stag and hen parties.

Our packages are not closed packs, you can modify them as you like, add or remove services. Contact us and we will make a personalised pack for your stag or hen party with the activities you like the most.

Stag & Hen activities Malaga

We have all the activities that can be done in Malaga for a stag or hen party and if we don't have them we can organise and adapt them for you. We are that cool.



Our best selling stag and hen party packages in Malaga

stag do malaga


Package for a crazy night out, includes FREE transport to and from the venue.

stag do malaga


Dinner and nightclub all in one place.



Full day package, lunch and dinner included.


High demand, enjoy the official Malaga boat party

Packs for hen and stag parties in Malaga city centre.

Great packs for those of you who arrive on Friday and want to get the party started or for those of you who don't like stag and hen party dinner shows.

These two packs are ideal if you are staying in the centre of Malaga, you can walk everywhere.

fiesta en barco malaga
sala theatro malaga



With us your stag or hen party is covered, you can book, boat party, yellow humour, gymkhanas, night club, restaurants and much more.

limousine hire in malaga

If you prefer to stay on dry land, there are plenty of stag and hen party options to choose from. Another option is to try go-karting, a great activity for groups of friends.

Looking for something more relaxed, why not try a beach party? Relax on the sand with sunbathing and your friends. And of course, there's always the option of fine dining and clubbing.

With so many activities to choose from, we guarantee you'll have a great time in Malaga. What are you waiting for? Book your stag and hen party today and start planning the ultimate stag and hen party. Check out all our activities!



If you want a personalised stag or hen party, take a look at all our activities and services. 

If we don't have what you are looking for, please contact us and we will find a solution.

limousine hire in malaga


Dinner show, dinner with other groups of stag and hen parties, open bar, entertainment. The best hen night venues in Malaga. Petit Cabaret and Pekadox.

limousine hire in malaga


COOL beach day, lunch, open bar, hammock and drinks. Exclusive places.

Stag and Hen Parties on the beach in Malaga.

stag do malaga


A 3-hour party on the high seas with other groups of stag and hen parties, entertainment, DJ, photographer, swimming in the sea, a whole cocktail of fun.

stag do malaga


If the group party option is not for you, these are the boat parties for you. Sailing with your group. You can add extras, dj, food, strippers...

despedida de soltero malaga


Two options, mini GP and Grand Prix. Compete with your group!

despedida de soltero malaga


Paintball, lunch with open bar and much more. The star activity for stag and hen parties.

limousine hire in malaga


Super time in the sea, adrenaline rush with our water activities. In Malaga city.

stag do malaga


High-end vehicles, including a 1-hour tour with two bottles of cava. Luxury city tour.

stag do malaga


Yellow humour Malaga, super fun inflatable jumping activity. High demand. Extra option of lunch at the same place.

stag do malaga


Exclusive private spa, just for your group in the centre of Malaga. Snacks and tea included.

beauty party malaga


Beauty party for girls' day, including champagne and brunch or snack.

malaga cheeky butler


Cheeky butlers and waitresses. Home transfers. Games, serving food and drinks.

stag do malaga


BBQ in accommodation. We bring everything you need to prepare a delicious menu with unlimited drinks.

stag do malaga


Make 4 cocktails per person, we bring everything you need. The best thing is that they are prepared by our cheeky butlers and waitresses.

despedida de soltero malaga


Spectacular shows at home, real and updated photos of our girls and boys.

Ask about our shows for stag and hen parties.

disco bus malaga


Airport transfers to and from the airport or any other way you need.

stag do malaga


Drawing class with models, including champagne and all the material.

pool party malaga


Pool party with dj and the best current music.

despedida de soltero malaga


Play in a bubble with your friends and the embarrassments to make you cry with laughter!

escape room malaga


Games of skill and challenge

despedida de soltero malaga


High demand service! Surprise show inside the transfer.

stag do malaga


Stag and hen party packages



We tell you how to organise a bachelor or bachelorette party, where to start, what to do and frequently asked questions by our clients.


costa del sol

How to organise a hen or stag party in Malaga? Steps to follow.

Early planning of the hen party

Early planning is essential for organising a successful hen party, so you should start preparing everything at least two months before the date of the event. This will give you enough time to define all the details, from the guest list to the activities to be carried out.

In addition, with more advance notice you will have more accommodation options available and at lower prices.

Mark your budget

Determining the budget is one of the first steps in planning a hen party. This budget will determine everything you can include in the party, from food and drinks, to entertainment, gifts and decorations. It's important to bear in mind that the cost of the stag party is usually split between all the participants, so make sure everyone is on the same budget.

We recommend that you set up a joint account and deposit all the money there or that you give it directly to the organiser when you confirm your attendance to avoid unexpected last minute expenses.

Activities can be cancelled up to a week in advance free of charge, but it often happens that someone drops out one or two days before and the rest of the group has to pay for their part, so we avoid this extra cost on your package.

Choose the date and place

The date and location of the event are two crucial aspects that you should define early in the planning process. The date should be convenient for most of the guests and the venue should be suitable for the type of bachelorette party you plan to organise. You can opt for a local venue, such as a restaurant or club, or even decide to take a trip or getaway somewhere special.

In this sense Malaga has everything you need for an unforgettable hen party.

despedidas en la playa malaga

Select a theme for the hen party

Choosing a theme for the hen party can make the event even more fun and memorable. You can opt for a theme related to the bride's interests, such as her favourite film, book, or TV series.

escape room malaga

Organise the activities

Activities are the essence of any hen party. You should choose activities that are fun, exciting and, most importantly, to the bride's liking.

Sometimes they want to focus the activities on the tastes of all the girls forgetting the tastes of the bride, remember that it is her special day and you are a great friend who accompanies her.

Create the guest list

The guest list is a crucial aspect of planning a hen party. You should include all of the bride's closest friends and avoid inviting people who are not on good terms with her. Remember to confirm the attendance of all guests before making reservations or purchases.

limousine hire in malaga

Organise gifts for the hen party

Gifts are an essential part of any hen party. You can organise a gift exchange between the guests, where each brings a gift for the bride. Gifts can range from household items to lingerie and sex toys.

Make sure everyone has fun

The ultimate goal of any bachelorette party is to make sure everyone has a good time, especially the bride, so be attentive to the needs of all the guests and be ready to make adjustments if necessary.

Organising a hen party can be a challenge, but with good planning and organisation, you can ensure that it is an unforgettable event for the bride and all her friends.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why choose Malaga for a stag or hen party?

Malaga city lives day and night, the people of Malaga don't have time to sleep! 😂 😂

At night you have countless options for partying in the centre, as well as a super tasty gastronomy, so if you come to spend the whole weekend with us, we recommend you to go out for tapas in the centre and then party in one of the discos open until 7 am.

During the day we definitely recommend the area of "Los Alamos" in Torremolinos. 

You may be wondering, Torremolinos? We want Malaga! This area is between Torremolinos and Malaga, about 15 minutes drive from the centre. In our city everything is united and you will hardly know if you are in Malaga or Torremolinos.

In short, it is very, very worthwhile. Beach parties with a lot of posturing that you all love in the end. 

You have come to celebrate a Hen or Stag party in Malaga and you have to party a little bit! Let your hair down

Is there accommodation for stag and hen parties in Malaga?

We have many accommodation options for groups and the offer is increasing due to the large volume of tourists that visit us every year. 

Here there is something for all budgets, we recommend you not to be too "fussy" with this and choose a cheap accommodation, if you think about it carefully you only need it to sleep and shower as you are going to be outside all day, in any case if your plan is to enjoy an accommodation, book a rural house with swimming pool and we will set up the bachelor party at home, we have a great variety of activities that can be done in the accommodation.

On the other hand we do not offer accommodation in our packages but we do help you to find one that suits your needs, we do it this way to avoid our clients to pay an intermediary and it will be cheaper for you.

We live in Malaga and know everything so you can trust our recommendations.

Which is the best city in Spain to celebrate a stag or hen party?

No doubt my Malaga please!!!! 💙

I'm going to be more benevolent, I love my city so much. Each one has its own charm and something to offer. I can only recommend what I know and from my experience are the Top cities for stag and hen parties in Spain.

Barcelona, Madrid, Ibiza, Valencia, Sevilla, Benidorm y Málaga.

Always remember to take into account the preferences of the whole group.

What do you do at a hen party?

Lo que se hace en una hen party puede tener tantas variantes como cuando te vas de vacaciones con amigos. Prácticamente se puede hacer lo mismo. Lo digo así ya que las despedidas de hoy en día ya no son solo cena, barra libre y stripper (lo son 😎 ) pero con más actividades durante el día. Estas actividades harán crear recuerdos para siempre en vuestro grupo. ¡¡¡ Oooooh que bonito!!!


1- Typical for the traditional ones.

Dinner with an open bar in one of our Petit Cabaret (Malaga city) and Pekadox (Benalmadena). Here you can dine along>with other groups of stag and hen parties who, like your group, will be celebrating the same thing, creating an atmosphere with an incredible good vibe.

After this nightclub of course to party until dawn. 

Stripper show for those who want to always with total discretion as it is done in a private part of the place only for your group, believe me it is worth seeing your special person in a thousand colours! Don't be afraid because they are very artistic, elegant and fun.

2- In a spa.

This is a fantastic idea as the bride or groom won't really expect what's coming up in the evening, they will think that their group has taken them up on having a "quiet" stag or hen party, but really deep down inside they want to party and have a good time. Friends please give her a party she will never forget!

3 - Games and activities.

You can't imagine on many occasions how much fun it can be to do a competitive activity in teams, such as yellow humour, gymkhana, space room, etc. You are going to compete against each other with all the fun and games. You will be competing against each other with all the fun that this will entail. In many occasions our groups come with fathers, mothers and fathers-in-law, doing this kind of activities will make you remember situations lived in those Sunday meals. 

4 - On the beach

We are in Malaga my little bugs! You have to go to the beach and if you're on a farewell party, you can't miss out on an afternoon party on the beach.
You will find yourselves in a privileged environment, in your reserved area with bottles, divine to the death!
Without a doubt I highly recommend it as this is something you have to experience and we only have it in Malaga, it is a real disco on the beach and during the day.
Sometimes I am a bit stubborn on this subject but in the end what matters most to me, beyond the money or the sales it can generate, is that when you remember my city you see a smile on your face.

5 - Gifts and souvenirs

This is a must regardless of the celebration options we choose. Because every good moment should be kept as an object to remember every time you see it.

Rather than taking a bachelor party t-shirt as a souvenir, we recommend something like bracelets, pendants, all the same, something small that you will keep in that little box we all have full of "valuable junk" that I affectionately call it 🥰

We welcome you with personalised objects, we are that cute!

Have stag and hen parties been banned in Malaga?

Stag and hen parties are not forbidden in Malaga. This would be an attack on everyone's freedom of expression.

The media generate eye-catching headlines and write "Stag & Hen banned in Malaga".

What is forbidden and is something obvious as a rule of civility, is to go naked in the street (it has been seen) and to wear obscene costumes. Keep in mind that Malaga is a city where tourists come from all over the world, each with their own intention and way of enjoying the city. I think this is something obvious, on the other hand it is not incompatible to have fun with going in this way through the historic centre of a city.

Here is a link to an interview I recently did on this subject.


Are all the stag and hen party activities in Malaga in the same area?

If this were so, our city would not be a city, it would be a village 😅.

It is impossible for everything to be in the same area, obviously there are some that you can walk to but not others. In a city, the distances within the city are great. We do have excellent public and private means of transport.

For larger groups it is advisable to book a minibus and for smaller groups BOLT is the best option. In any case it is always very economical.

When do stag and hen parties take place?

The bachelor or bachelorette party usually takes place a few days or weeks before the wedding. The specific date may vary according to the preferences of the bride and groom and their friends, as well as logistical and planning circumstances.

In many cases, bachelor parties take place during the weekend before the wedding, allowing participants plenty of time to enjoy various activities and celebrations. However, some people choose to organise them even a few weeks before, especially if they are planning a trip or a more elaborate celebration that requires more preparation time.

It is important to keep in mind that bachelor party dates can vary, and the choice will depend on the availability of those involved, as well as the specific details of the celebration. When planning a bachelor party, it is advisable to coordinate with close friends, family and the bride and groom themselves to find a date that works for everyone.

How long does a hen party last?

They do not have a specific duration as everything is valid. From a night out, an evening with friends, a weekend in another city, to groups that have several parties.

The latter is becoming more and more common, with several farewells being held with different groups of friends or family members, the following is often the case:

  • Bachelor or bachelorette party with the family of the bride and groom, usually in the same place where they live, day or night of food, talking about when they were little and a bit of dancing and fun.
  • Stag and hen party with work colleagues, eating and drinking wine
  • Bachelor and bachelorette party with lifelong friends, they usually go away for a weekend to another city. It is advisable to do this farewell a few months before the wedding.
  • The last stag party one day before the wedding because you are nervous and the coolest thing is to spend the night with your family.

Is it better to use a company to organise a stag or hen party or to organise it ourselves?

Without a doubt a company dedicated to the organisation of stag and hen parties, I am not saying this for my own benefit, I am clarifying your doubts and with a lot of foundation.

We are from Malaga and we know the pros and cons of all the activities and services as we have tried them all, you come from outside and do not know it. We are experts in this field.

As for the doubt that it will be cheaper on our own, wrong! We have the same sales prices as our suppliers, they give us a commission for the sale of each activity and service.


  • We are available 24 hours a day from the moment you start your activities with us.
  • It is better to contact a single problem solver than each supplier separately.
  • If for any reason an activity is cancelled, we will look for alternatives immediately.
  • We have a great friendship with the suppliers which helps us with sales at all times and they treat our groups very well.
  • You are generating work of great satisfaction for the person organising.

HEN DO & STAG DO MALAGA va a organizar una despedida de soltero o soltera súper Top.

Simply because with so many quality services and options we have it really easy, obviously there is everything, but we have made sure to work with good providers and the best thing is that we have tried all the experiences, we don't organise blindly.

How much does a stag or hen party cost?

Obviously it depends on the planning and the activities you want to add.

In Malaga there are fun activities from €25 and dinners with open bar from €48.

The budget for a farewell weekend in Malaga is around 300€, including transport tickets, accommodation, meals and activities.

Can stag and hen party packages be modified?

Of course everything can be modified as you wish, services can be added or removed.

These stag and hen party packages have been created with the itinerary marked as this way they are more comfortable for the client and you are sure to arrive on time to all the places.

In addition to this, they are designed for maximum enjoyment but without stress.

All packages include a stripper, what if we don't want one?

No problem at all. Everything can be modified as you wish. You can remove and add services.

Where is the best area to stay?

Undoubtedly the centre of Malaga, because while you are not doing any activity you can go for a walk through the centre and enjoy its wide range of services and leisure activities.

Can I wear what I want?

 Yes, as long as you don't go naked or shirtless, or with obscene bachelor party decorations.

If you go out at night, I recommend that you wear suitable clothing for the evening, as many places may refuse you entry if you do not comply with this requirement.

Stag and Hen Parties in the centre of Malaga

Our beloved Malaga. We have so many possibilities and options...

Our city has become a world reference in terms of tourism and good food, we have been working hard on every detail for years. We have everything, beach, mountains, activities and our pearl Marbella where we are visited every year by travellers from all over the world and many national and international celebrities.

Stag and Hen Parties in the centre of Malaga are a very good option if you are planning to go to bars and clubs but don't think that everything is centred here as we have something different for you in every part of the city. However, accommodation in the centre of Malaga is the best option.

Stag & Hen activities in Malaga

As I have told you before, we have all kinds of activities and if we don't have it you can tell us and we will arrange it for you.

Our speciality due to the large volume of clients are the restaurants with open bar, boat parties, beach parties, beach club, yellow humour and water activities.

Open bar for stag and hen parties.

How we love an open bar at a bachelor or bachelorette party!

Of course it is the best option as you go with a fixed price and you can drink as much as you want, you don't have to be aware of what is paid and what is not!

Despedidas Costa del Sol has many options with open bar, all our packs for stag and hen parties include dinner with open bar.

Some also have an open bar at lunch and those that don't can be added, anything is possible.

How do we work?

I welcome you at the first activity
We are available 24h from the moment you start the activities with us in case there is any problem.
Además estamos en la sala de despedidas por la noche acompañando a los grupos porque hay presencia de HEN DO & STAG DO MALAGA en todo momento.
Our method is because you are not simply clients but you are part of my great personal project...I always say...You are already mine from the moment you arrive 😊.
Close and personal treatment.

Payment and bookings.

Contract with all the activities and itineraries.
Reservation of 10€ per person and the rest the same day of the stag or hen party in the first activity, I will personally receive the group.
Return of reservation until Monday of the same week of the stag or hen party as well as any modification, adding or removing people.


Organising a bachelorette party is a real challenge! My poor organisers, all the time they tell me ¨Laura sorry for so many questions¨ and I tell them not to worry about anything as I understand them perfectly because in the end the spokesperson of the group is the one in charge of answering all the doubts that arise and worrying about everyone's tastes.

On many occasions I affectionately tell them "the best thing is for you to do whatever you want, reserve what you like".  🙂

HEN DO & STAG DO MALAGA se caracteriza por mantener un trato siempre amable y cercano. Nos encanta lo que hacemos y de verdad no hay que preocuparse por las veces que necesitas consultar porque es nuestro trabajo.

Organising a hen party is the most complicated thing, I don't want to be sexist but it is true that you send the boys a pack and as long as there is a party everything is fine. We, and I include myself, are more organised, we are looking for activities and searching a year in advance.


In my experience and the best thing I advise is to have a meeting with all the girls of ¨cafelito o copa ja¨, first choose the location, then go to a website like ours to see what options there are for activities, we have everything you can do in Malaga for a farewell party.

Ring, Laura! Here we expose all the doubts, modifications and what we want, then based on this we advise you the best options and prices adapted to each group.

Our packs for hen party in Malaga can be modified as you want, for our part I tell you that the packages are made this way for the convenience for the customer as they are designed so that you do not have to move too many times and we combine this with living the best experience.

I hope my explanations will be of great help to you organisers!

Blog Stag & Hen Malaga - Official Despedidas Costa del Sol.

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In recent years, Malaga has become one of the favourite destinations for stag and hen parties. However, this popularity has led to an increase in uncivic behaviour that has disturbed the coexistence and relaxation of the city's residents. Faced with this situation, Malaga City Council has decided to take measures to limit and control this type of celebrations through the modification of the Ordinance for the Guarantee of Citizen Coexistence and the Protection of Urban Space.

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