SALA PETIT CABARET MALAGA ☀ Restaurante temático.


Cena con barra libre y discoteca, todo en el mismo lugar.


For a unique experience in Malaga, look no further than Petit Cabaret. This themed restaurant is the perfect place for a bachelor or bachelorette party, or simply for a fun night out with friends. Petit Cabaret offers a unique experience on the Costa del Sol, live entertainment and the perfect location and atmosphere for a night out.

Why is Petit Cabaret perfect for stag and hen parties in Malaga?

If you are planning a bachelor or bachelorette party in Malaga, Petit Cabaret is the perfect place to do it. The restaurant offers a unique themed experience that is perfect for large groups of singles looking for a fun night out on the town. The restaurant features a wide variety of live entertainment, including cabaret shows, comedy drag shows and live performances.

It also has its own nightclub, the K2 Sala Vip nightclub. You won't have to move after dinner. We are the only nightclub on the Costa del Sol with a dinner show.

For you guys that we know it's difficult to get into certain nightclubs after dinner, here you have it solved with your preferential entrance after dinner. Exclusive for Petit Cabaret clients.

Live entertainment at Petit Cabaret

The cabaret shows are a highlight of the Petit Cabaret MALAGA experience and offer a unique experience not found anywhere else in the city.

Además, el ambiente del restaurante es perfecto para una noche de fiesta. La decoración temática y la iluminación crean una atmósfera íntima y emocionante que es perfecta para una despedida de soltero o soltera o una noche en la ciudad con amigos.

We have a private space for strippers and boys shows, you can't miss them in this kind of outings!


Petit Cabaret's menu is designed to satisfy all tastes. Delicious food adapted for vegans, coeliacs and intolerances.

Accompanied by an open bar during dinner, drinks are not lacking! They are quick to bring out drinks. Don't think that they are being late to make you spend less... because at Petit Cabaret we take care of all these details to the maximum.

menu petit cabaret
menu petit cabaret

Location Petit Cabaret Malaga

Petit Cabaret is located in Avenida Isaac Peral 43 in Malaga city, inside K2 Sala Vip, it has a large parking area, and the recently opened metro line leaves you very close to our venue.

To get to the hall you must take line 2 from atarazanas and get off at the Puerta Blanca stop, from there it is 500 metres to Petit Cabaret.

Ticket price: €1.35

The first departure back after the party is at 7:00, which is perfect as the nightclub closes at 6:00.

In short

We assure you fun all night long at Sala Petit Cabaret Malaga. Book as soon as possible as there is high demand. Some days with waiting list.

You can't miss it, a restaurant for stag and hen parties in Malaga that is a great reference and K2 Sala Vip nightclub.

Petit Cabaret Malaga, the only restaurant for stag and hen parties with its own nightclub. Nightclub ¨K2 SALA VIP¨.

Petit Cabaret nightclub has everything you need! Located in the discotheque K2 sala vip, this themed restaurant offers you an unforgettable night of fun with a 3-storey discotheque, a smoking terrace, and delicious food. So come and enjoy the best night out for a bachelor or bachelorette party in Malaga with Sala Petit Cabaret.

One Big Night : Nightclub-Party Hall in Malaga

Petit Cabaret is a restaurant located in Malaga. This spectacular stag and hen party venue is located just 8 km from the city centre, and has separate rooms and air conditioning for your comfort. Petit Cabaret Malaga is the perfect place for a special stag night. Every Saturday, this restaurant offers themed dinners and entertainment for everyone to enjoy.

Av. Isaac Peral 43, Málaga

Petit Cabaret restaurant in Malaga offers an 'unforgettable' night out for stag and hen parties with extensive food and drink available, as well as activities and fun, in the former Epoca nightclub now known as K2 SALA VIP. The nightclub is one of the best in Malaga. Even better. Petit Cabaret has a large terrace for smokers and tables reserved for your group. It is, without a doubt, the best place for a stag night in Malaga.

Experience the most Seductive Malaga Night with Sala Petit Cabaret

The Petit Cabaret nightclub-party hall in Malaga offers a stylish night out, with various themed dinners and performances. The feeling of Malaga's nightlife atmosphere is infallible. This is undoubtedly the best stag and hen party venue in Malaga, explore the exclusive discotheque, smoking terrace, dining area and main room to find the best stag / hen party in the province!

Ready to celebrate your hen party? Special offers at Sala Petit Cabaret

Are you ready to say goodbye? Petit Cabaret Malaga is looking forward to meeting you! Go out and party with one of the best stag and hen parties venues on the Costa del Sol. Take advantage of their special offers that you will find on their Instagram account @laurapetitcabaret.

In Sala Petit Cabaret you have the best night you can have to say goodbye in Malaga! Come and celebrate your bachelorette party with us! Enjoy the best night in one of the best venues on the Costa del Sol.

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