Stag and hen party fancy dress Malaga, everything you need to know.

Municipal Ordinance fancy dress costumes Stag and Hen Parties Malaga: Limiting Incívico Stag and Hen Parties

In recent years, Malaga has become one of the favourite destinations for stag and hen parties. However, this popularity has led to an increase in uncivic behaviour that has disturbed the coexistence and relaxation of the city's residents. Faced with this situation, Malaga City Council has decided to take measures to limit and control this type of celebrations through the modification of the Ordinance for the Guarantee of Citizen Coexistence and the Protection of Urban Space.

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Limitations in the Public Space for fancy dress costumes Malaga.

One of the main modifications to be introduced in the ordinance is the prohibition of passing through or remaining on public roads or in public spaces without clothes or only in underwear. Likewise, the use of costumes or accessories representing human genitalia is prohibited, as well as the presence of dolls, dolls or elements of a sexual nature. These limitations are aimed at avoiding obscene scenes and behaviour that is offensive to passers-by and residents of the city.

Malaga City Council stresses that this modification of the ordinance responds to the proliferation of uncivic behaviour related to stag and hen parties, in which erotic underwear or costumes are worn in public spaces. These celebrations have caused nuisance among the population and have led the council to take measures to preserve the public space as a place of meeting, coexistence and civic-mindedness.

disfraces despedidas malaga

Have stag and hen parties been banned in Malaga?


It is a group celebration like any other, but it is forbidden to make too much of a mess.

Think that it is the centre of a city which is visited by people from all over the world for different reasons, families, children, people looking for peace and quiet and culture, others looking for a Malaga there is room for everyone, which is why we must respect each other.

Malaga fancy dress costumes - Dos and Don'ts

With the following pictures you will be able to see clearly what can be used in public spaces and what can't be used in terms of farewell decorations. Also examples of behaviour.

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No bachelor party decorations in the shape of genitalia, no drawings.

Do not walk in the street shirtless or naked.

This includes going in a bikini on the's been seen.

No megaphones and uncivic behaviour.

Matching T-shirts, matching outfits and costumes as long as they are not nude or sexual in nature.

It is important to note that the main objective of these limitations is to promote respect and coexistence in the city, ensuring that stag and hen parties take place in a fun and safe manner, without disturbing the normal functioning of the city or offending passers-by and residents.

From Despedidas Costa del Sol we also recommend you not to go to restaurants or discos in fancy dress as you may be refused entry.

There is no need for certain behaviours and in return you will have an amazing hen party because Malaga has a lot to offer you, let's keep it bugs!

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