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Una stag night es una celebración organizada para el novio antes de su boda. El propósito principal es brindarle al novio la oportunidad de disfrutar de una última noche de diversión y soltería junto con sus amigos más cercanos. La naturaleza de la stag party in Malaga puede variar según las preferencias del novio y el grupo, pero generalmente involucra actividades divertidas y a menudo un poco fuera de lo común. Aquí hay elementos comunes de una despedida de soltero:

  1. Special activities: Stag parties usually include activities that the groom enjoys, be it a trip, extreme sports, games, a night at the casino, etc. The choice depends on the groom's interests and personality.

  2. Close friends: Usually, the groom's closest friends are invited to the stag party. This may include childhood friends, work colleagues and close family members.

  3. Drinks and food: Drinks and food are often an integral part of a stag party. It can be a fancy dinner, a relaxed barbecue or even a party at a nightclub, depending on the groom's preferences.

  4. Entertainment: Some stag parties include special entertainment, such as strippers, comedians or themed activities. These choices should also be suitable for the groom's tastes and the comfort of the group.

  5. Memories: Often, special mementos are created during the stag party. This can include photographs, videos or personalised mementos for the groom to keep.

  6. Gifts: It is common to give the groom some humorous or useful gifts for married life during the stag party.

  7. Emotional moments: Although stag and hen parties are usually fun and relaxed events, there can also be emotional moments, especially if close friends and family members share good wishes for the groom's future.

It is important to note that bachelor parties vary greatly in style and tone, and not all include elements traditionally considered "wild". The key is to personalise the celebration according to the groom's tastes and preferences, ensuring that everyone has fun and celebrates in a way that is meaningful to him.

¿ Por qué elegir Málaga para una despedida de soltero?

In recent years Malaga has become well known for this type of celebrations due to the quality of its services, good climate, friendly and kind people and best of all, an economical city.

¿Por dónde empiezo a organizar la despedida?

  • The first and most important step is to talk to the groom or his closest friends and family to get to know his tastes and above all to find out which people the groom would like to be at the farewell party. Let's not mess it up!!! LOL
  • When we know all this, we'll make a Whatsapp group with all the members and get to work! "Let's see chupi pandi, this bastard is getting married (I like to give a touch of humour), stay in the group if you want to come and if not leave.
  • Well we already have those who are going to go to the farewell party and the doubtful ones...I recommend to include in the list those who are going for sure and the doubtful ones we leave them for the last minute as this can be modified up to 1 week before. Better a bird in the hand...
  • It is time to talk about the budget, it is the first of all to see what we can choose. Think about the party you are going to have with your friends, it will be unrepeatable, so money well spent.
  • When we have this defined we call Laura from Despedidas Costa del Sol (MYSELF) and ask her for a budget, information and activities. We pass it on to the group and when everyone is in agreement we start to organise activities, timetables and everything necessary. It's a hard task to get everyone to agree but we manage to do it. 
  • Finally organiser, ask everyone to pay you in advance, believe me it is the best option.

Actividades y planificación

We have many different stag and hen party packages which you can of course modify.

The stag and hen party packages are not randomly put together, they are designed for you to have a full day of partying but without stress, by this I mean don't go crazy wanting to include everything. You are going to spend more money foolishly because running from one place to another just to make sure you have time, I think it's not fun.

I know how everything works, I know what's best and I want the best bachelor party day in Malaga for you. I also recommend many places so that you can make the most of your stay in Malaga, this is FREE.


This is the first thing you need to start with as there is a high volume of occupancy in the city and obviously the best value for money accommodation flies.

In our packages there is no accommodation included, the reason is that we prefer to recommend accommodation and you can make the reservation yourselves. You will have an infinite number of options and prices, for all tastes. Variety that we could never have. 

En AIRBNB  y BOOKING está todo el alojamiento disponible en Málaga.


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