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The best male strippers on the Costa del Sol.


Let's talk about these men with heart-stopping bodies!

Many of you ask me, what is the private show? Well, I tell you that it is the dance of a stripper for the bride in private only and exclusively for your group. This service is already included in the price of all our packs and of course you can change or remove it.

But don't be mean and let your friend who gets married without this experience as it is done in a completely private way, without photos, recordings, or people outside your group. Nothing happened here!!!

Boys o stripper?

In Spain, male strippers are called "Boys"

What's the male stripper doing at the hen party?

At a bachelorette party, a boys usually performs a show of sensual and erotic entertainment for the group of women present at the celebration. These performances often include elements of dance, striptease and interactive games designed to amuse and entertain the audience. Here are some common characteristics of male stripper performances at bachelorette parties:

  1. Sensual Dancing: The boys often perform sensual dances and choreographies involving provocative movements.

  2. Striptease: As in the case of female strippers, the striptease is a typical part of the show, where the male stripper gradually removes his clothes in a provocative manner.

  3. Interactive Games: Some male strippers incorporate interactive games into their performances, involving the bride or friends in fun and daring activities.

  4. Interaction with the Public: The boys often interact directly with the women present, getting closer to the audience and making them feel part of the show.

  5. Personalized Entertainment: On some occasions, the male stripper may customize the performance according to the group's specific preferences or requests.

It is important to note that a male stripper's participation in hen parties is a form of adult entertainment and is usually indulged by the people involved. However, it is essential to respect boundaries and rules of behavior, and all parties should feel comfortable and safe during the event.

boys malaga domicilio

Male stripper Malaga - Where is the show done?

The strippers in Malaga travel to their homes and cover the entire province.

You can do the show after dinner at the dinner show in a private area.

In the accommodation, restaurants that have a private area and even on the bus when you are on your way to an activity. Anywhere is possible!

The male stripper will bring everything you need for your show, music, speaker... You will only need a chair to seat the bride on.

Male Stripper Malaga - is it full nude?

Yes, but with some nuances.

The stripper's nudity is complete but you don't see anything explicit as he plays his game dancing and covering himself so that he doesn't "see".

Other times the hen party group asks us to please stay in your underwear and of course there is no problem with this, the stripper are told before the show.

boys malaga domicilio

Male stripper Malaga - Important, attention!!

The show of a male stripper in Malaga lasts 3 songs, about 15 minutes of show. No more, believe me that it would already be boring and it's too much since they are very fast and amazing.

Always ask before hiring how long the boys are dancing. We've been told many times that they're offering 1-hour or half-hour shows and they don't exist.

This form of selling is a fraud. They sell you 1h and then excuse themselves saying that it is 1h in total while you change and so on....obviously you have to change and get dressed but the preparations are not included in the show time.

In short, all the professional male strippers in Malaga do their 3-song show.

Male Stripper Malaga - Hire Now!

You're going to have a great time. High demand service!

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